Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog 64 - 27th February

Transtioning from minus 15 to plus 25 was quite a surprise however, we are grateful that there is no jetlag as Korea and Australia are on roughly the same time zone. Here is a view of our home from the kitchen table.

Views of our garden which is 200 metres deep, backing onto the Torrens river that runs through the centre of Adelaide. Damien is beginning at the front gate and working his way to the back...

Gathering to commemorate the one year anniversary of my Dad's dying was special, not least because it provided a great opportunity to catch up with my family all together on the day we returned.
Here we are preparing for Mass at Mum's home - pretty special and thanks to Monsignor Aitken. Dad would have loved it!

My three sisters and auntie, in the kitchen preparing a big Lebanese feast. What a treat, and a welcome change from noodles and rice! We did enjoy Korean cuisine however such foods as this were almost impossible to find.

You name it, we had it! Kibbi, tabouleh, falafel, chicken and rice, babaganoush, hummus, flat break, yoghurt... Yummm!

The follwing day my sister, Paula, had another feast at her home for Dad and for our extended family. Here I am with our son Dominic, and Paula in her kitchen. Below is Dad's favourite - licorice. For Damien and I it was another treat as it is impossible to buy licorice in Korea and it was always top of the list of things to bring back!

Damien looking very trim in spite of tucking into pavlova.

As we resettle into Adelaide and Australia, I am struck by the casualness of people, many look like they are going to the beach all the time! In spite of a population of 1.3 million, there seem to be few people around in this flat and friendly city where summer sees blue skies and sunshine most days. While I miss Seoul and my friends there I also am relishing in familiarity and food, understanding how things work and also being able to easily have conversations in English. Perhaps the known and familiar will become mundane after a while, however at the moment, it is fun and freeing.

Stay posted for the next blog on Koreans in Adelaide.

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