Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog 36 Summer Down Under

We have spent the past month catching up on some sunshine in our hometown, Adelaide. Here are some photos of Sellicks Beach, 50 minutes south of the city - 28 kilometres in distance. Our family has a beach house on the esplanade and we have spent some wonderful times watching the passing parade, walking on the beach and swimming.

Sellicks is one of the few beaches that it is possible to drive on. This invites people to set up camp for the day with tents, food and music.

Meals are often eaten outside. Here my sister, Maree, her son Oliver and my nephew, Elliot, are helping Damien with dinner. The beach and sunset are in the background.

The peach tree in the back garden is very neglected and yet continues to produce an abundance of fruit. People have been busy making stewed peaches, chutney, jam and peach tarts.

My consultant's group, Quintus, met for our annual Christmas lunch in January as is our custom. Here Megan and Vera wait to open gifts. Thanks to Marie for another amazing meal prepared for us all.