Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog 39 - 27th March

On 8th March women around the world celebrated the centenary of International Women's Day. Here in Seoul I was involved in helping with a first time event organised by the International Women's Day Korea committee which came together to commemorate this occasion. Ten wonderful women from Canada, Korea, Australian, America, France and the US worked to raise over AU$1,000 for immigrant women and families who do not attract government funding.

Traditional music was played by three students from Ewha Women's University. Gourmet food and wine were served by Jocelyn Park of RSVP catering in the foyer of the Seoul Women's Plaza Thanks to the musicians and to Jocelyn for your generous support.

Our cocktail party was supported by many local people, in particular the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family and the Inter-city Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network. Thank you to Dr Hee-kyung Choi, Secretary General of Inter-city Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network and Park HyunKyung , President of Seoul Foundation of Women and Family

My friends from my work came to support us - Eli, Juyeon and Emilie. Eli is chatting with an African woman who came to celebrate her birthday with us.

Guests were invited into the theatre for the inaugural performance of highlights from Face, a one woman play by Haerry Kim. This play, about Korean sex slaves during World War 2, had been performed in both Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival in 2010 and in New York, but never before in Korea. Here is the link to Haerry's play which was extremely moving, powerful and captivating. We are very grateful to Haerry for her inspirational contribution. Here is the link

Six young women from the Koyang Hanmye Kuk-ak Nuri traditional Korean drummer group were so energetic and talented, a true testament to young women everywhere.

Here we are cutting the centenary cakes - actually three of them - 100. Co-Chair Pilar, Sophie, the event coordinator, on our committee and Park Hyun Kyung, the President of the Foundation for Women and Family.

Pilar, our Co-Chair and Mrs Park, Haerry Kim with and our committee cutting more cake!

The International Women's Day organizing committee, plus our supporters, pose in front of the display of Korean women artists that was donated for the evening. Please feel free to check out our website if you are interested in more details about our event.

Here are Damien and I - he's saying, 'OK Susan, Let's go home now! 'and I'm saying, 'Just let me speak to .......!' Some things don't change all across the world.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog 38 - 6th March

Seoul National University has 30,000 students and a wonderful campus. On my morning walks it has been zero degrees - actually I have been very slack lately! I took these photos as I was wondering through the campus. These below are wooden sculptures outside the school of ceramics.

This plastic woman was lying abandoned in a pile outside the Art School. She was so busy texting she did not notice that it was too cold to be naked!

These fiberglass lizards are trying to sneak out of uni! They actually keep moving around the campus looking gorgeous in the sunlight.

This old professor is keeping watch on the frozen pond at SNU.

My friend Maria and I found these cute little men on the way to have a yummy affogato at her favourite place. She is Italian and knows where to find the best coffee of course!

Can you see the old Persian table top? The teaspoon was so carefully wrapped in the serviette in front - great attention to detail and service here!

These guards were carefully watching us having our coffee and also keeping an eye on this old Christan missionary from the nineteenth century making sure he did not get up to any mischief!

Here we are living it up at the Seoul Grand Hyatt, near Maria's home. when we delivered her home. The trees are wrapped to keep them warm and the night lights are beautiful. If you'd like to stay here is the link:

We have been checking out other 5 star places to take our visitors. Here is the view across the Han River from the W at Walkerhill where we had brunch today. Yum!