Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog 61 - 29th January

As we prepare to leave our home in Korea and return to our home in Adelaide, we have been relishing the cold and exploring a few last places, as well as saying goodbye to friends who we hope will visit us in the southern hemisphere.

A trip to Busan on the KTX staying at Haendae Beach was a welcome respite from the traffic and crowds of Seoul and staying right on the seafront was a treat. The Busan Museum of Art hosts free concerts every Saturday afternoon and we fluked a wonderful concert when we were there.

Is it true? I wonder if this is a motto for the Year of the Dragon? No wonder Korea has the highest rate of suicie in the OECD countries! How incongruous when the music was so very peaceful too.

The bus to Geojedo (Island) to visit our friend Giant Yo (Lee Hyun Sub), occupied all of Sunday and was an hour bus ride from Busan. Here we are trying not to look like we are about to be blown off the precipice in the freezing wind! Have you noticed our Christmas hats? We have not removed them for weeks now - great for those bad hair days, although one of us no longer has to worry about this!

Damien and Giant Yo outside his newly established English language school (Hagwon), the first and only one of the developing island and the culmination of a long held dream. If you look closely you can see that his qualifications include the South Australain College of English. He has over 40 students so far who sometimes practice their English with us on Skype. Geoje Island is the second largest island in Korea and home to live fish for eating - our lunch was so fresh that it was still wriggling on the plate. Yum!

My friend Jyoti, with the wine glass in her hand, is celebrating her iminent trip to Copenhagen where she will study for a semester towards her Masters degree. She has some time to play around before her husband, Sri and daughter Vayshalli, join her later. Julia, Esther and Hilary came over to have a long lunch to say goodbye.

My friend and Korean teacher, Romy, took me to a special Buddhist restaurant for lunch. Sitting on the heated floor and feasting on vegetarian delicacies is my idea of heaven! Do you get the idea that there is lots of eating and drinking happening at the moment? How will we shape up when we have to show our flesh when we return to southern summer?

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