Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog 53 - 7th October

Our friends, Hilary and Steve, (pictured below) from Adelaide have recently visited - our 10th lot of guests in the past 20 months. We do love having people to stay and feel very privileged that friends are happy to stay with us in Seoul. We climbed Bukhansan, 840 metres and one of the sacred mountains. Can you see me up the side of the mountain? As you can also see, it is very close to Seoul, just north and with a view over downtown included in the 360 degrees panorama. Amazing! Here is a link http://www.seoulstyle.com/fitart_hikingKorea.htm

We all had a few aches and pains the following day - surprisingly mine were in my arms from pulling myself up on the chains.

Here we are at the summit! Sir Edmund Hilary eat your heart out!!

Those smiles are so broad becasue we are on our way down. Yippee!

Here we are getting away from it all with everyoone else who is trying to get away from it all too!

On our return route the men had a fun time navigating the signs which were mainly in Korean of course. This interested onlooker was very amused by our puzzlement. We were so happy to have a beer at the foot of the mountain after a 6 hour hike. The best thing about completing a climb here is that there is always a cafe or two immediately at the mountain base.

Traffic on our way to visit somewhere in Seoul - typical afternoon traffic.

Is is a person or a dummy? This moving figure was warning traffic of danger with roadworks in Suwon, south of Seoul. Thanks Hilary for these great photos.

I promised one son that I'd post a photo of our trip to the Barossa in August. Here is Jacob and Sarah wih wine in hand of course!

Temple details.

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Wow? How did you get up this rock? This is serious climbing with hooks and all? Seoul rocks!

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