Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog 54 - 30th October

The autumn continues to be glorious here in Korea. Damien and I took our chances venturing a bit further out of Seoul with our car which has just turned over 242,000 kms . Two highlights today were so contrasting - one the beautiful Ryumjae Gallery House. Here is the link - it's in Korean however there are some beautiful images The other highlight was a visit to Little France, a kitsch replica of a French village.

This sculpture in the window of the main living area was my favourite piece in the gallery. We did not ask the price of anything - way beyond our budget!

The two hour drive to Chyeongpeong north east of Seoul, took us along the Han River to the Bakhangang River. The gallery is also a residence, however nobody lives there, and classical musical performances happen every once in a while. All pretty amazing.

This fireplace was made of a huge stone and really looked like state of the art.

We had a guided tour as we were the only visitors - we almost went away as the door was locked, however it seems like it is so exclusive, that only special visitors can enter!

We fluked this French village nearby to the gallery. It is tribute to the Little Prince and replicates the book's drawings. There is even a museum dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Expery. Very funny and worth a look, epsecially popular with couples and young families with children. The main purpose also seemed to be to take photos of each other and imagine being in the European countryside.

The ticket collector boy at the gate looked so excited to see us! The gate however was pretty gorgeous.

A genuine fountain - most unusual in Korea. Where's Damien? What is he looking for? A good coffee, cheese, croissants - we found none of these things.

We did find a very funny comedian who mimed his whole act, so for us with our abysmal Korean language skills, this was a real treat. For a change we understood what was happening and could laugh along with everyone!

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