Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog 52 - 19th September

Chuseok National holidays in Korea, involve everyone returning to their ancestoral home to visit family. This year saw record numbers of young people leaving for holidays overseas. Everything is closed for four days so we took advantage of this time to visit our son, Liam, in Niigata, Japan. Here is his apartment where we could sit around the fireplace to keep warm and cook. (Only joking!) This is actually the reception area of our country hotel - more later.

Like father like son??

The view from Liam's back windows is over rice fields. The front has a busy road going right past the lounge room.

The Hakusan Jinja shrine in Niigata is very beautiful especaially in the evening light.

Our stay at a Ryoken in Echigo Yuzawa was a real treat. It included onden (hotspring water baths,) traditonal breakfast and sleeping on tatami matting on the floor. It was so peaceful and relaxing during the off season at this popular ski resort.

We had no idea what most of the breakfast was however everything was so yummy.

The chairlift boasts Japan's largest ropeway gondola which accommodates up to 166 people.

Thanks for being our chauffeur in your micro car and for taking such good care of your 'oldies'.

Our English freind Jan stayed for one night at the Hyatt Regency on her way from New Zealand to London. We had such fun checking out her room and having dinner with her.

Jan and Gerard were our neighbours at Kent Vale when we lived in Singapore. Happy travels!

Another 'old' friend, Michael, from Melboune stayed for a week while he was wooed by Korean businessmen who wined and dined him. In the end he may have even got to enjoy kimchi and sitting on the floor to eat!

These images are of Changdeok Palace, our favourite of the palaces here in Seoul. It is shady, green and interesting.


Kristina said...

Just checked out your's great! Lovely photos from Japan. Cheers!

Monika N said...

Japan country Inns wow! It is all Zen. Can you please cook a breakfast like this for me when you are back in Adelaide?

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