Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog 51 - 4th September

A winter break sounds funny to some, however after hot and humid weather for ages in Seoul, a trip downunder was a welcome change. Actually we slept for the first time without a fan last night and autumn weather is forecast this week - a gorgeous time to be in Seoul.

My flight was to Adelaide was changed so I left Seoul at twenty minutes past midnight, arrived in Singapore at 6.00am the next morning, spent all day there and departed at twenty minutes before midnight the same night! What could have been a nightmare day was actually wonderful thanks to dear friends who looked after me. I began with a breakfast of coffee with condensed milk with Roy at Geylang before he went to work at Changi Hospital.

Geylang is the red light district and one of Singapore's remaining traditional areas - truly a delight to wander around, especially at 7.00am!

This sign was on the staircase in Roy's apartment block, JJH Boutique apartments. You could never guess you were in Singapore!

Here is our friend and neighbour when we lived at Kent Vale, Sandy, with her son Satchel. Thanks for the long chat, the strawberries and for showing me the new pool.

Jacob and Sarah came from Canberra to cook beetroot risotto and lemon pie (with lemons from our tree) for Mum, me, Maddy and Dominic. Yum!

The most exciting family news is the formation of the Beirut Bombers, a mixed netball team of young and old with Mum as the coach. The practice we had did not make much difference to our performance on the night. At least the losses seem to be less each week. Great to see Jacob here as the new interstate recruit and of course me as the international talent flown in. It was the first time I'd been on the court since school days - too long ago to remember.

Sometimes it's more interesting watching the spectators and their noses! Lachlan, Mark and Harrison, the photographer.

The whole Raphael gang minus a few key players. Watch this space to see reports of a win.

How happy our my sons Jacob and Dominic are to have their photo taken. Or maybe it's that we were at the airport saying goodbye to Jacob is the reason that they are looking so sad. They are looking more like the twins in our family!

Catching up with colleagues from my time at the British Council in Singapore, here I am with Emma and Laraine on my way home to Seoul. This was a real treat to finish off my trip.


jacob said...

i swear that street in geylang could be in melaka or penang.
also, no room for photos from the barossa? or maybe you just want to keep all of the gourmeT food and wine a secret?
from the not quite twin with the more receeding hairline

Susan said...

Yes Jacob, we had a wonderful time in the Barossa. Tricky choosing which photos and adventures to include without boring everyone. Perhaps I can incorporate one later. Watch this space......

Karen G said...

Wonderful to see photos of your life in Korea and travels in the region. I was a tad nostalgic to see the Singapore photos - more than a decade since we were all there together! Great to see a photo of Laraine, who was a friend of mine also - but later!!

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