Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blog 2 - February 8

We have packed and posted 5 boxes which hopefully will arrive in Seoul in 10 days. Fingers crossed! Amazingly were just under weight with our luggage.

As we prepare to leave we have had many more dinners, lunches, drinks, text and phone messages, visits and breakfasts. Feeling truly cherished, replete and experiencing farewell fatigue! Thank you to our friends and family and also to people who haveposted comments.
Photo taken on the day of our departure, 4 Feb, regular walking on the River Torrens that is at the back of our home.

Damien, Paula, Dominic and Dad saying goodbye at Adelaide airport. Thanks to Dominic, blog consultant, dog walker and house minder, especially for posting comments helping people to log comments. Also to Paula for the fruit cake that I carried in my computer bag and was much appreciated as our first meal in Seoul. After arriving to minus 3 degrees, the 3 hour trip from Incheon airport in peak hour traffic meant that everything was closed. (This journey usually takes an hour.) As we climbed the 72 stairs to our 5th floor (penthouse!) apartment, the promise of homemade cake kept us going.

Visiting Singapore on our way, it was great to briefly see familiar places and even to catch the MRT again. Thanks to our dear friends Shahnaz and Rassul for a wonderful meal and bed, for the video of their son's recent wedding in Sweden.

The view from my computer as I persist with learning and flying solo. Have already lost everything on this posting once so keen to get this finished. Those who know me well can testify to my amazing technical skills! As I write Damien is cleaning so perhaps it's better to take my time!
Today is sunny and cold, minus 9 degrees however with underfloor heating it's very cosy inside.

Bought a teapot while shopping yesterday. Couch surfing anyone?

View from our back balcony with a forest behind.

View from our front balcony with Gwanak mountain behind. This is one of 5 sacred mountains in and around Seoul. I thought we could aim to climb them all. This one takes about 3 hours so will investigate if it's possible to climb the others. Have some more photos however have already broken my 7 photo rule!

Surprises so far - we live in a very local area and have not seen any westerners yet. This means having photos of food in restaurants is important! Few people speak English. I'm trying to learn a word a day. So far, hello and thank you are my total vocab! Living in a small apartment is wonderful - there is lots of storage and we're trying to keep it looking zen which really means it's pretty bare!


paula said...

hi, all good here, planted 4 olive trees and 1 fig tree with Pete at Sellicks today, superb! Finished my essay!!! Time to relax. pedicure soon. Great photos. Wish I was there. mum and dad well and positive, Dom had tea with us at market,has new tattoo (I Love Mum and Dad) and pearced nipple! Will keep a closer eye on him, Love Paula

Cathy C said...

After reading Paula's tales I have little to say except that the country looks beautiful the streets interesting, the apartment just right and you look good. I love the idea of no clutter. I'm sure it will be truly liberating state. I really enjoy your blog it gives me something positive, especially as its on monday the worse day of the week. Keep well and happy. love Cath

Chris said...

Oh my beautiful brave friend.

It all looks exotic and fabulous. You look just wonderful, and Damien too!

Its a hard, sad time down here - just lovely to catch up on your adventures!!

We're away for 2 weeks soon at our shack - you remember the peace of it.

Enjoy, lovely Susan.

Love Chris

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
It was wonderful to see you and Damiem again.
And it was our pleasure to have you here for dinner.
Best wishes
Shahnaz and Rassul

Anonymous said...

yeh susan saw jacob today - he brought your beautiful little basket love the blog i want more and ore photos love Ronis

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan
Thank you for this great photo essay you are writng for us, Susan! I do relish Monday's update on your new residence, lifestyle, learning and connection with people in Seoul. How interesting it has been. Keep enjoying.
The softness of early Autumn delights me here as does a precious day a Writer's Week (missed having you meet up with me there!). Much to mull over,of course, and WOMAD beckons tonight. Love to you both, KMH x

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