Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog 3 - February 15

The most exciting news this week has been snow. We woke up to this unexpected surprise on Wednesday when Adelaide was sweltering in 37 degrees and here it was minus 3. Have been truly relishing the space and time to explore as my new life unfolds. Other highlights have been an invitation to lunch with Im Seung Bin and Seung He who live in our apartments, a local performance with Choi Sungnam and his family in Friday night snow and peak hour Lunar New Year traffic, running out of petrol and miraculously arriving just on time to see a most wonderful show. I am getting used to having no car and getting fit with no lift and 72 steps - did I mention this already? Having the penthouse suite is pretty good and views of the snow covered mountains are beautiful.

Shopping at the local markets continues to be a fun challenge. I got lost coming home yesterday. Surprise, surprise!! On Tuesday I had my first solo foray on the subway in the rain and dark to see a presentation on Won Buddhism. The audience was about 50/50 locals and expats. Feel very safe walking everywhere, however the snow makes everything slippery and is a bit of a challenge.

Our 5 boxes arrived from Australia in 5 days - amazing!

Special delivery of 3 kilos of oranges as a gift to celebrate Lunar New Year this weekend.

Regular coffee with Kim Gun Woo, Damien's research assistant. So far I've only tried 5 of the 50 cafes on campus!

Seafood floor feast with prawns, mussels, kim chi, (with scissors and tongs provied for cutting)spinach -yum! Total cost of $5.00. Who could afford to eat at home? Everyone takes their shoes off at the door. Only Korean was spoken in this restaurant so we point to our choice. I'm getting very skilled at charades!

I'm now officially a Korean 'alien'! This registration card enables me to open a bank account, get a job, buy a mobile phone, buy a car! Hooray! It took almost all day to achieve this amazing feat - one hour on the subway, another with completion of multiple forms including marriage certificate, another hour home, plus getting lost time!

No secrets around here! Our neighbours having a new fridge delivered.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan for all the photos and news What a good way to communicate Hope it's not too cold Jacinta

Anonymous said...

Hello Damien and Susan from Warrnambool. All sounds and looks like a great adventure..great way to keep all informed.
Mum good now Damien, after that stone in her gland reared its ugly self again -- Antibiotics working.
Mal McPherson gravely ill brain tumor complicated by brain haemhorage needing urgent surgery
cheers anne maree

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan
Thanks for letting me read about your getting acquainted with Seoul and Korea and its amazing people - it brings back many memories. Specially your photo in the snowy hills reminds me of the many hikes we took with our German Shepherd and a toddler on our back in the north of Seoul - we'd come across temples and houses with vegetable patches and people who'd want to touch our blond child, saying yepuhdah - meaning beautiful. This was almost 20 years ago and much has changed. I look forward to reading how you are experiencing your exciting new life. Love and best wishes Gitta

Monika N said...

Dear Susan and Damien

Mmmmh, the sweets in the box! Were they as delicious as they look? I enjoy your block and feel I get to know the place your living in.
Brian and I had 2 river walks with spookie and we offered Dominic some more dog walking.
friendly greetings from monika

paula said...

Dear Susan and Damien,This is such a good idea! All well here. Tom moved in with Dom today. Took half the house with him. Still recovering from the big swim. Dad has another heamatoma after his fibulator was changed. Claire back in hospital. Hot and dry in Adelaide. Fringe on the go. Saw Aida in Hindley street and ate our lunch together. Love from Poo Ton Boo

Anonymous said...

dear susan, so good to hear that you have already settled nicely. thanks for the visuals. real winter with real snow, splendid! you should have the winter olympics there now! wonderfully warm weather here in singapore for the gong xi fa cai season. may the little tiger keep you well and offer you plenty more special experiences. hug, thea.

Lee Farrand said...

Thanks for the dinner last night Susan and Damien. I'm going to be following this blog eagerly too...

Joy said...

Hi Susan and Damien....Dom was just here and helped me figure out how to "talk " to you. Love the photos and hearing about your life and adventures. Today is a glorious Adelaide day after the 37C..Am reading The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas, (April Book club) I did what you did last year and ordered them from the library and would you believe they all came at once. kisses Joy

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, the food and markets look terrific. I adore Korean food except for Kim Chi. How many Korean words have you learned so far? I have registered for Skype. How does Mondays at 8.30pm SA time sound, I think that's 7pm in Korea or 6.30pm SA time - 5pm in Korea. I am open to suggestions. Keep warm! Janette

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