Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog 1 - February 1

This is the first entry of my photo-journal, documenting my transition from Adelaide, South Australia, to Seoul, South Korea. It will be updated every Monday for the next three months.

The front and back garden of our home of over 25 years. I only hope that it is just as 'cup of tea worthy' when we return.

Damien and I have been wining and dining for the past few weeks as we say goodbye.

Lunch last Saturday at Angela and Jeff's with Paula and Richard, my sister and brother in law. Thanks for the plums we picked, I made a delicious cake with them.

Breakfast this Saturday at Joy's across the road with neighbours Brian and Monika.

Last visit to the beach house at Sellicks on Australia Day.

The next few days will be more dinners, packing and goodbyes.

This time next week, the post will come from Korea!


Helen said...

Hello Susan

What a fabulous idea.. a great way to keep up with your new adventure.

I will try to get around to see you tonight before you go. I called in on Sunday and dropped of the instructions for your knitting project - good luck with that. I am nearly finished the cushion.
Love Helen

Adrienne Lovelock said...

Travel well, my friend. I'm looking forward to reading about your new life in Seoul.
Best, Adrienne

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

this is a test message


Prue said...

Hi Susan (and Damien),
I hope Seoul is full of delights - look forward to reading about your new life.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

HI Susan
Great to read your blog and see your site - it looks fab!!

Many thanks for coming to lunch yesterday wih a couple of former workmates - good to catch and to say 'bye for now'.

Have a great time in Korea and keep us posted on daily life in Seoul.


vivian said...



vivian said...

Hi susan

what a terrific way to keep in touch. am going to be a follower posted to your adventures!

Anonymous said...

great start, keep it up.

Dominic said...

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mayo said...

Hi Susan,
I am going to miss you dearly, you probably don't realise the impact you have had on my life in the past 12 months, but thank you for everything!! Have fun in Seoul and i look forward to our chats on skype.
Love May

Cathy C said...

Hi Susan and Damien, dear friends I'm really going to miss you. Travel well and enjoy.

Vanessa said...

Well Susan it's hard to believe you have arrived already to another world, let alone another climate! You look to be well organised and the views from the apartment look wonderful. It's fantastic being able to see these parts of your journey.
Stay well

Monika N said...

I miss you already! This is my 2nd attempt to leave a message, oh, where is Dominique to help! I am working on this abstract for the conference, so I hope there is place for me on the couch.
It looks pretty serene in your flat and pretty large. The views remind me of Germany in winter. I am looking forward to the food pictures and recipies to go with them, if possible and once you have tested them
Give my love also to Damien

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan and Damien I will look forward each monday keeping me posted on how you are both settling in I hope you enjoy your time there. Jacinta

Cath C said...

Hi Susan and Damien, your surrounds are looking beautiful. I wouldn't mind some snow/cold I'm sick on the heat and especially humidity. Sounds like you are going well susan, all great and all under control.What is your email address? Love the blog.It gives me something good to expect on monday.
love Cath

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
its wonderful to read about your life in Seoul and to see the photos. This is a wonderful way to catch up. Looking forward to more, lesley
ps i'm not sure what the 'profiles' are about - i'm not au fait with blogging obviously!

cathy C said...

Hi again, I think that I am getting into the blog idea its like watching a favourite serial on TV but better because its personal. Its really interesting keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Just testing :)

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