Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blog 26 - 22nd August

We have returned to Seoul from winter in Australia (15 degrees most days) to steamy Seoul where the temperature and humidity are uncharacteristically high. Currently it is 32 degrees today and 84% humidity. So as begin my regular Sunday night appointment with my blog, there is little to record as it's been too hot to be out and about.

On our return trip, we stayed overnight with our friends, Skilly and Thea in Singapore. Skilly (Anthony Skillicorn) is the Head of Global Concerns at United World College of South East Asia where our boys went to school. His first book 'Service is a Journey' is an inspirational summary of the school's service program and will be available on Amazon soon. Alternatively it will be available via the college website,
We were privileged to receive one of the first copies and have it autographed by the author himself!

Having my hair cut in Seoul is such a treat. Naomi is Korean however speaks excellent English and trained and lived on the Gold Coast for seven years. When colour is applied ,to my hair little shower caps are attached to my ears to protect them. I've never seen these before. A marketing opportunity?

The second best thing is the massage chair. I think it's imported from Italy. As I'm having my hair washed an electronic massage device inside the back of the chair is moving up and down my spine. Sheer bliss!

Voila! Here is the finished me with Naomi. If you are visiting or living in Seoul, a visit to Eunha is a wonderful indulgence. Here is the link

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