Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog 24 - 2nd August

Visiting Adelaide, our home and friends and family has been so wonderful. Speaking the same language and understanding the unspoken assumptions and 'rules of engagement' is so easy and comfortable. Driving, TV, waking to birdsong and abundant nature are the hallmarks of our Australian experience. This posting differs from those in the past as it contains photos of many cherished friends and family. I'm not sure of blog protocol regarding identity so will request overarching permission to share these with readers to this site.

It looks as if we've been partying ever since we returned and we have certainly done our share of eating and drinking, however these photos have been gathered over the past 2 weeks. We are relishing being on holidays and being reminded of the relaxed pace of life here.

Above is a photo of my son, Dominic and my Dad, Peter, celebrating their respective birthdays - 22 and 83, at a family gathering.

My sister Paula hosted this family lunch on our return - birthdays, reunions... Here she is in the kitchen with my brother, Mark and his son, Harrison.

Mum and Dad were in fine form too. How wonderful to see them both after a 6 month absence.

Every March for many years, we make sugo di pomodori (tomato sauce) with friends. This ritual is accompanied by a mid year dinner. This year during the dinner the electricity went out for 2 hours however this did not deter us from enjoying a wonderful evening. Thank you to Chris for your calmness in the face of hot dishes cooking and no power, for numerous candles and for sharing your home. Thanks also to Dennis and Debbie, Libby and Chris, Della and Louise, Liz and Anne, Therese and Chris, Eileen, Neil for the fantastic food and good cheer.

How lucky am I to have a long leisurely lunch once again with my dear friends Madeleine and Katherine. The cafe/restaurant Vileroy is highly recommended.

Another tradition for Damien and me is fish and chips on Friday night with our friends Geoff and Marie. This time it was a surprise to be presented with a wonderful 'coq au vin' instead (thanks Marie) and to meet up with past Seoul residents, Bob and Debby Of course various young men and Peter and Lyn were there to entertain us with singing and crazy Irish humour.

Here is my book group who met to discuss ' Two Wheels in the Dust: From Kathmandu to Kandy' by Anne Mustoe. Here are Joy, Monika, Helen and Sue are here. Thanks for the wonderful rum and pineapple cake, Helen.

My knitting group also met while I've been in Adelaide and celebrated Janet's special birthday. Helen, Margie, Kitty and Sue are also expert knitters and craftspeople. Yes - we really did knit this night and did not just get drunk as this photo might suggest. The delicious flourless orange cake recipe was shared by Helen as it was so yummy and excellent for gluten free cooking.

Yum! What's for lunch? A rainy Sunday at our family beach house at Sellicks (one hour south of Adelaide) with my brother, Damian and my brother in law, Richard.

No such thing as a free lunch! Damian mowed the lawn while Richard and Damien weeded the garden. Can you see the cliffs and sea in the background? Mum and my sisters Anne and Paula and I stayed inside where it was warm for another cup of tea and more chatting. After all we have to make up for lost time!!


dianne said...

What a fabulous 'international' lifestyle!
You have the best of all worlds, Susan and Damien.
Looks like one long celebration of life and love.
Perfect! Great photos.
Addit:Thanks to you, Susan, my cake baking has taken off.

Susan said...

Dear Dianne
So happy to hear about your cake baking. We have no oven in Seoul so have indulged in lots of cooking while on holidays. Bad luck about the waistline!

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