Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog 21 - 28th June

Guest Editor: Damien

Alas, the WC is over as far as Korea is concerned but it was fun while it lasted:- watching soccer @ the outdoor cafe across the road from us, then on Saturday, on the way home we came across the 'red shirt soccer shouting plaza' which is at city hall, but they were (just) beaten, so now, who will we support?

And we have moved apartment, to a larger on in the same group (SNU Academic Apartments!).
The move was quite an operation-- with an elevator ladder to lift all our things (so much, what happened to the Zen lifestyle?) down from the 5th. floor, out the window, then back up again in the window, to the third floor.

In the window:-
The new apartment has a large window view of the adjoining forest, and is so quiet, we just sit there watching the butterflies.
So, when we return from Australia in mid-August, we hope to see lots of visitors.

On Saturday we attended the 110th. anniversary of the foundation of the Korea branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, held in the garden of the United States ambassador's residence.
The celebration included a recital of some modern compositions using Korean traditional instruments.

Beautiful residence in traditional (rich persons) architectural style.

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Anonymous said...

great moving photos - I will come back sometime!!! good guest editing - did you mess up the photos like i did love to you both Ronis

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