Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog 19 - 13th June

What a wonderful weekend we spent at Tong Yeong with Lee Hyun Sub, our English teacher friend who stayed in Adelaide for a year in 2004. Here are Damien and Lee having a snooze on pebble beach at Goeje Island. To get our feet wet and see the cleanliness of the cool water was such fun and so refreshing after the city crowds of Seoul.

Lee's sister and mother cooked a fantastic meal for us - this photo is only half of his family - his second sister and family arrived later. Nobody spoke any English so another opportunity to practice our kindergarten Korean!

The fresh fish tanks had seawater pumped in and we chose what we wanted. We could then check that it was properly cleaned!

What a feast of mussels, oysters, prawns and other seafood that was hardly recognizable however yummy. To be by the ocean and taste the salt water was incredible indeed. The woman in this picture is peeling garlic that is grown locally. Her green basket is upturned in the background spilling garlic onto the ground.

Multimillion dollar shipbuilding business is the mainstay of working life in Tong Yeong.

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