Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 10 - 5 April

These painted eggs are about as close as we've come to Easter eggs. There are no chocolate eggs or bilbies ( an Australian tradition) or hot cross buns ( are these an English tradition?) in the whole of Seoul. Or if there are we haven't found them. In spite of the fact that almost 30% of Koreans are Christian, there have been no public holidays and the weekend has been ' business as usual'. We managed to round up some friends for another wonderful meal at Club Italia, thanks to Maria for inviting us. I was having too much fun and forgot to take a photo until we were all about to leave!

Recycling is big in Seoul. Each apartment is provided with these cute canvas containers which we dutifully take downstairs when they are full.

Everything then mysteriously disappears, although elderly people are often seen carting cardboard and other scrap along the footpath in wooden trolleys. I wonder where he is going?

A highlight this week was seeing Bob Dylan who performed in Seoul for the first time. We were so far away this is what he looked like! If you'd like to hear him as we did, here is a video for all the old hippies!

One of our farewell gifts (thanks Lyn and Peter) was three packets of seedlings. After planting these on Tuesday, the first lettuce sprouts appeared on Sunday. No sign yet of tomatoes or capsicums. Yes - you will need a magnifying glass however I was pretty impressed with my gardening capabilities that they came up so quickly.

So as we mark 8 weeks of living in Seoul, we continue to be very happy here. Every day presents new challenges and fun, we are making new friends, feeling more at home and finding ways to get things done.

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