Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog 12 - 19 April

We went to Yeouido Island in the middle of the Han River to join the hordes to celebrate cherry blossom. We sat on the ground with everyone else and ended up buying a CD from this group - their first release.
Here is Damien showing off his latest landscape design!

Even though it was grey and windy with a maximum of 12 degrees it did not deter people from celebrating the springtime. It really is very spectacular.

More eating! There is a plethora of snacks of such variety. This huge bag of rice and corn cakes set us back 2000 won (AU$2.00)

The Seoul Arts Centre is an enormous and very classy venue that hosts lots of cultural events. After seeing Mahler's symphony number one and Rodrigeuz harp concerto on Friday night, this courtyard fountain matched the music with the water movements. It was hilarious!


lesleyl said...

Susan - Damien is looking skinny! is this the result of being an eminent professor or is it korean food?

Susan said...

Damien goes swimming every day on the way home from work. The uni has a geat pool. Perhaps its the kimchi as well!

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