Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog 46 - 31st July

Following the previous post about our Euopean holiday, here is week two of four weeks. First week was in Switzerland. Second week was in France. Vive la France!

Our first stop was just ovr the boarder in eastern in France to visit Ronchamp and travel to see 'Notre Dame du Haut', the architect Le Corbusier’s famous chapel. Damien had visited previously in 1983, however, it was my first time. The weather was glorious and Damien's photos do it justice I think. This pilgrimage chapel, complete with an outdoor altar, and on top of a hill, remains an active religious community. For a 1954 building it was certainly ahead of its time.

Any guesses? Each night in summer at 11.00pm and midnight the Eiffel Tower the lights come on at dusk and the sparkles occur for 5 minutes on the hour until midnight. It is most amazing1 We happenned to be passing by on our way home when we were lucky enough to catch the action.

Paris was a highlight, staying with our friends Esther and Mark in the seventh arrandisement. We strolled to the Eiffel Tower on our first afternoon and then selected cheeses to bring home for a wonderful feast accompanied by Mark's gazpacho and char-grilled vegetables.

The local cheese shop - pity we can't post the wonderful smells! Living in Korea, this was a rare treat for us and a welcome change from rice and noodles.

Gaspard, Esther's grandson, was also sleeping over for a few nights, so we had a fun time playing amd building castles (not to mention Eshter's lack of sleep!).

Here is a view of Esther's apartment - the one with red geraniums. So Parisienne! After learning Korean language for the past 18 months I can still communicate more with my school French than I can in Korean. Have I been wastiing my time? We look forward to seeing our neighbours, Mark and Esther, back here in Seoul soon.

On the way to our next destination we visited Chartres Cathedral, not just any old church! Again guess whose list this was on?

Staying with Julie and Jean Yves in their seventeenth century farmhouse at La Chapelle-Glain in Brittany, was a change of pace.

Here Jean Yves is demonstrating how to make omelettes and poached eggs. Damien has tried both following this recipe and his culninary skills have greatly improved. Julie is the working woman in this household and we can see how much interest she is taking in cooking!

While we were there the Tour de France was happenning. Did we miss it? My bum was sore for days following our 6 hour ride. We ate at a cute little restaurant just near this lake which was our half way place. Thank you both for your generosity and fresh cooking from the garden, for Belto, Dolce and Finger's company, (these are the dogs!), for the complementary Tour de France and great conversations, solving the problems of the world.

How may castles and churches can Susan and Damien visit? You ain't seen nothing yet!!


jacob said...

that church at the top of this post is amazing. looks like the whole of france was amazing actually, plenty of fromage for all.

Susan said...

Indeed! Our whole holiday was a grastronmic feast. Luckily walking lots counteracted our calorie intake

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