Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog 33 - 28th November

Monday 22nd November is Lebanese Independence Day. Independence from whom you may ask? Actually it was from the French in 1946. This photo is of an ice cedar tree, as you know the national symbol and featured on the flag. Can you see the Lebanese and Korean flags in the background?

The wife of the Lebanese Ambassador, Majida Mustafa, invited me along with about a hundred others to celebrate at the J W Marriott. Majida is pictured below dressed in traditional costume and dancing the dubke, Lebanon's national dance . The food was fantastic and the first time I have seen authentic Lebanese food here in Korea.

I do love to dance, however resisted the temptation on this occasion. Thank you to my friend Catharine for the photos. Check out her wonderful blog at

The following evening I returned to the same ballroom at the J W Marriott for the Korean Australian Alumni Gala event. Damien also came this time and wore his red Korean time to mark the occasion. Can you see him on the left towards the front? This was the evening of the North Korean bombing, however apart from the Australian Ambassador,who was busy briefing Canberra, everything seemed to be 'business as usual' and the 260 invitees were able to ignore the troubles and have fun. I even won a big box of Australian beef. Quite a luxury here. Bad luck I am a vegetarian!

My Korean teacher Romy invited me and two friends, Sandra from the US and Kartrina from Sweden, to Yongmunsa, a Buddhist temple and the site of the oldest ginkgo tree in Asia. Here is the link if you are interested

It is snowing here tonight as we returned from a birthday dinner for Damien. Watch for some snow photos next time. Also stay posted for some photos of Dominic our son, and Madelaine, my niece, who will be visiting soon. Hooray!

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