Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blog 15 - 10th May

Our first visitors arrived this week - Anne Maree and Jacinta, Damien's sisters from Warnambool, Australia. They tested our new second hand beds (thanks to Sheung Hee and Im Seung Bin). Here they are having fun in the water fountain in Gwanghwamun today in the 25 degree sunshine.

For lunch we had a feast of mandoo (dumplings) in a side street near the Seoul Folk Museum that Suzanne Han showed me. Home made noodles and dumplings were the specialty - yummy!

We also were served a delicious mushroom hot pot - there are hundreds of varieties of mushrooms here.
Anne Maree is practicing using chopsticks in preparation for her visit to her son, Peter next week, who is Assistant Manager at the Hyatt in Beijing .

Damien and I enjoyed a free evening in a deluxe room with yummy breakfast at the new Marriott Hotel in Times Square complex thanks to Simon Bell, the Queenslander who is General Manager. Here people line up to browse in luxury item shops. Here the young doorman is coming to tell us photos are not allowed. Crossed arms is the Korean way of saying 'no' or 'don't have'.


Monika N said...

I may become visitor Nr xx end of August. Looking at the dumplings and the mushrooms hot pot this is getting more and more likely. By the way, my abstract has been accepted. I just have to make the decision to come.

Susan said...

Hooray! We are getting the visitor planning down to a fine art! Will be experts soon. Let us know your decision and we'll prepare to roll out the red carpet.

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