Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog 8 - 22 March

This is a view of our local market. I have no idea how to cook some foods such as the green seaweed and the black mushrooms in the foreground.

Small trucks selling food operate on the roadsides and produce yummy food. These pictures are of a fish shaped snack with red bean stuffing. In Korean they are called ingebbang.

These small snacks cost 1,000 won (AU$1.00) for 4 pieces.

These snacks look different however have the same stuffing inside. These ones are called gukhabbang.

Below are photos of a cooking class I went to on Friday where we learned to make kimchi mandu (fermented cabbage dumplings) and Korean pumpkin soup. The teacher demonstrated while the young woman on the side translated. Then it was our turn to make and eat the food.

On Saturday night we went out with a friend to a new seafood restaurant down the road at Nakseongdae. First we ate raw seafood from the tank outside and then soup made from the rest of the fish that was still sizzling when it was served at the table.

We then went across the road to a bar where we had more beer, soju and mussel soup and snacks including boiled silkworms. Yum!

These mussels came with a gas hotplate with a bottle attached so the temperature can be adjusted to keep the soup hot. They tasted like they had just been caught and were just the thing for a zero degree night!

Damien and his former swimming mate, Giant Yo (Lee Hyun Sub) who had spent time with us when he lived and studied in Adelaide.


Monika N said...

The food pictures, I so envy you for these experiences!!! I am going to post my abstract soon and will see whether I am successful re SEOUL conference. Don't forget to send me your address and telephone/skype address

Anonymous said...

oh your latest pictures remind so much of spore during the 60s as well as malacca which still has the pushcarts selling food! vivian

Susan said...

Yes - the smells are also wonderful and reminiscent of many other Asian cities. How I wish someone could invent transmitting fragrances electronically, although not all fragrances here are so great!

Wendy Bell said...

Dear Susan

You are an inspiration and it has been lovely to read your blogs...

I have just started a website, having launched it at an event in March (to which I invited you, but must have gone to your old email address). I am about to starting blogging so you will able to watch my progress through my website,

Your life there sounds wonderful, what an experience.

Please give Damian my regards

warm regards


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